Admission Criteria

The Storefront specialized program class is for students with developmental disabilities who are between 18 years of age and 20 years of age.

Storefront is an adult transition class with a special focus on preparing students for the world of paid or unpaid work. Applicants must have prior independent work experience and/or cooperative education experiences. 

Applications to Storefront can be done through their current school or externally. Placements are done centrally by a committee.
Referral Criteria:
Given that the program emphasizes the development of independent living skills as well as behaviours and attitudes conducive to a work setting, evidence of readiness for such learning is required. Readiness includes:

  • an interest in accessing the workplace;
  • self-regulation skills that can be adapted for work in supervised settings;
  • functional communication skills;
  • literacy and math skills that can be adapted to work settings;
  • independence as it relates to personal care (i.e., dressing and hygiene) and emergent or evident ability to use the public transportation system;
  • ability to manage everyday social situations with minimal support.

Cognitive Profile

  • a diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability or Autism as specified by DSM-5 (incorporating assessments of both adaptive and cognitive functioning).
  • evidence that adaptive functioning skills (e.g., communication, socialization, daily living, motor skills, and self-regulation) are not commensurate with assessed cognitive abilities and have led to significant functional impairment.

Social/Behavioural Profile

  • readiness to participate in a supported work environment,
  • may be at risk of disengaging from learning opportunities in their current program
Storefront Student  
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