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Frequently Asked Questions about Co-op

Q. What do I have to do to become a Co-op student?

  • On your Course Option sheet , be sure to choose "Co-op" for two sections
  • Complete a Co-op Registration form and submit to the Co-op Office by the deadline
  • Attend your scheduled Co-op Interview

Q. What identifies a good Co-op candidate?

  • Evidence of maturity and a positive attitude
  • Good attendance record
  • Willingness to learn
  • Appropriate educational background for the type of placement requested
  • Successful Work Experience 10 placements
  • Respect for policies and procedures of the school and workplace expectations

Q. What is meant by a "Subject Link Course"?

Your 2-credit Co-op course must be linked to a subject you have already passed or one you will be taking the same time as your Co-op course.
You will link some of the expectations of this subject to your activities at your Co-op placement.

Q. How do I select my Co-op work placement site?

By looking at your Subject Link course, your interests & career plans - your Co-op teacher will work with you to identify an appropriate work placement.
A listing of previous Co-op work placements is available in the Co-op office for you to look at - also check out the Co-op Bulletin Board and Photo Gallery for pictures of previous Co-op students at their worksites.
You may have some ideas/suggestions of your own.
Co-op teachers try to meet your placement choices but have some back-up ideas in mind.

Q. When do I find out about my placement?

During the first two weeks of the semester all Co-op students are in school doing Pre-Placement activities.
During that period of time you will be informed and an interview will be arranged with the Co-op employer.

Q. What about health tests, Criminal Record Checks, etc.?

Depending on the placement, you may have to have TB tests or a Criminal Record Check completed prior to the start of some placements - e.g. Daycare Centres.

Q. What is Pre-Placement Orientation?

The first two weeks of the Co-op Term involves "getting ready" for Co-op and includes such things as health & safety in the workplace, self-assessment, first aid, preparing resumes, interview skills and understanding Co-op & employer procedures and expectations.

Q. What's a PPLP?

A Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP) is your Co-op "game plan" - a document built and updated by you, your Co-op teacher, and worksite supervisor that helps to ensure Co-op is a meaningful experience that links your classroom skills & knowledge to their application in the workplace.

Q. What are Integration/Reflection Days?

Integration Days are scheduled throughout the term - you will report back to the school on those days to share and reflect on your Co-op experiences, develop further skills, & complete and present assignments.

Q. Am I paid for my Co-op work?

Students are not paid while on the job during the hours outlined on the Work Education Agreement. The possibility does exist for employers to hire Co-op students outside these WEA Co-op hours - e.g. on the weekend.
OYAP students are often provided some sort of 'payment' - which could be in the form of tools, a bus pass, wages, etc.

Q. How will I be evaluated?

Your term will be worth 70% and your final projects/activities will be worth 30% of your mark.
For a complete breakdown of assessment and evaluation click here.
Both your worksite supervisor and Co-op teacher will evaluate you.

Q. What will my work schedule be?

Your work schedule will be determined during your interview with your placement supervisor.
Co-op is timetabled either all morning or all afternoon.
Normally plan on 3 Co-op hours/day - e.g. 8:30 - 11:30 am or 12:30 - 3:30 pm.

Q. Will I be insured?

All Co-op students are covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board through the Ministry of Education.
A Work Education Agreement will be prepared by the Co-op Dept. and the form must be signed by your, your parent (if you are under 18), your placement supervisor and your Co-op teacher prior to beginning work at your placement.
Further Information

Q. What about transportation?

Transportation to and from your Co-op worksite is your responsibility.
Our School Board does NOT provide insurance coverage or support students driving motorized vehicles while working at your Co-op placement.
Further Information

Q. What about attendance?

You will be treated like a regular employee.
You will be expected to notify your Co-op placement supervisor when you will be absent.
You must also notify your Co-op teacher.
Remember: attendance and punctuality are important employability skills.

CoOp Registration

Take the following steps to be included in Co-op as part of your plans for the coming school term:
  • Double-Check with your Guidance Counsellor that you have selected "Co-op" on your Option sheet
  • Complete a Co-op Registration Form and submit to the Co-op Office by the deadline
  • Attend your scheduled Co-op Interview



As outlined in the Co-op Course Description, Co-op includes participating in the following presentations & training and completing the following assignments and activities:

Supporting Links:

  • Freedom of Information & Privacy
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission
  • Young Workers Awareness Program



Several important tasks must be completed during the first couple of days of Co-op
  • Co-op Contract / Insurance Signatures
  • Student, Parent, Employer signatures on Work Education Agreement and Insurance Form
  • Return to Co-op Office
  • Worksite Safety Survey


** Remind your Co-op Employer that you will be at school on these dates and not at Co-op.

Co-op Reflections

During the Term, complete the Co-op Reflections by their DUE DATES and bring them to the monthly Integration Sessions.
The Co-op Reflections will be assessed using the following outline:
  • Co-op Reflections Assessment

Integration Topics

  • The following topics will be explored during the integration sessions:
  • Union Panel Presentation (Bricklayers, Electrical, Plumbers & Pipefitters)
  • Employability/Personal Management Skills
  • Learning Skills Assessment
  • Career Exploration



Post-Co-op summary & sharing opportunities:

  • Co-op Poster Project I.S.P.
  • or OYAP Poster Project I.S.P.
  • Poster Assessment
  • Employer Thank-You Letter


Every week during your Co-op term you need to complete a Log Sheet where you track the Co-op hours you have logged at the worksite for that week as well as a summary of the key tasks you have been involved in at your placement.

Each Weekly Log Sheet requires:

  • Hours worked each day
  • Summary of key tasks
  • Areas requiring improvement
  • Total # hrs. worked
  • Absences/lates
  • Employer comments
  • Student Signature
  • Employer Signature
Submit these to the Co-op Office by WEDNESDAY of the following week.
The Log Sheets will be assessed using the following outline:
  • Log Sheet Assessment
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