Course Description

Making workplace connections to your future!

Consider taking Co-Op as part of your educational game plan.

Cooperative Education is a unique opportunity that links the knowledge and skills gained in a related classroom course/shop to the workplace - earning credits while learning on-the-job.

Students explore career options via hands-on experiences in business and industry worksites - gathering information and expanding their transferable skills and knowledge to make successful post high-school choices about work and further training and education.

Students gain important employability skills - including an understanding of the importance of attitude, teamwork and personal management skills in the workplace.

Co-Op runs for the full Semester - combining a 1/2 day work placements in the community with a school-based co-op classroom component.

Students usually earn 2 Co-Op credits per semester.

The Classroom Component of Co-Op includes:

Pre-Placement Orientation preparing for the work placement 

  • Integration - activities and discussion that help make connections between the workplace learning and the Co-Op link course(s) 
  • Reflection - chance to reflect on and share your Co-Op experiences and their impact


PPLP - during the pre-placement period, Co-Op teachers meet with each student to begin developing the student's personalized placement learning plan (PPLP)


The Placement Component of Co-Op provides students with the opportunity to:

  • expand and apply the knowledge and skills learned in a school subject /shop in a workplace setting



A. Classroom Component

1. Job Readiness

2. Health & Safety

3. Rights & Responsibilities

4. Self-Assessment

5. Reflective Learning

6. Workplace Opportunities & Challenges

B. Placement Component

1. Key Learning Outcomes of Related Course that apply to the co-op work placement

2. Site-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities



A.1. Pre-Placement Orientation:

  • Interview with employer
  • Resume, cover letter
  • Safety quiz & site safety check
  • Employee rights and responsibilities

A.2. Integration & Reflection:

  • Weekly logs with evidence of learning
  • Independent career research project
  • Exit resume


B. Placement:

  • Performance Appraisals by Employer (3)




70% Class Work: = 70/100 
(tests, presentations, research projects, assignments, portfolio, personal profile)

Pre-Placement (15%) = 15/100
Integration (20%) = 20/100
Placement (65%) = 45/100

30% Summative: = 30/100 
Independent Presentation: 
Making Connections, Analysis (I,C) Evidence of Learning in key areas (I) Reflections on Evidence (I) Report Presentation = 15/100

Interview Reflection/Career Insight (K,C) = 10/100

Employment Exit package support (I, C) = 5/100


Weighting of Achievement Categories 

The classroom component - Class work and final 30% evaluation will be assessed and evaluated based on the following weighting of the Achievement Categories:

Knowledge/Understanding                                         40%

Thinking/Inquiry                                                       25%

Communication                                                        20%

Application                                                               15%


Learning Skills - will be assessed and recorded on the report card. They are an integral part of student learning and include:

  • Work habits
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Initiative
  • Working independently



Different strategies will be used throughout the course to help meet the needs of a variety of learners. 

The placement is experiential hands-on learning. Students have the chance to apply the skills and learning from their related course in the workplace. 

At specific times during the Co-Op term, students meet regularly at the school to discuss their experiences, reflect on their progress and determine their next steps for learning in the workplace. They also reflect on the impact of these experiences on their future career, education and training plans.

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