Employer Benefits

Hands-On Learning Benefits Students & Employers!

Benefits for Employers

  • Students look to schools to teach them academic and workplace skills.
  • Students look to employers to give them a chance to prove themselves in real-life work settings.
  • There are numerous benefits for employers who offer students work experience.


Building the Talent Pool

  • Work experiences create better-prepared workers, and reduce time-consuming and costly recruiting, hiring and training efforts.
  • Work experiences help enhance the work ethic in students, and provide valuable lessons, such as pride in a job well done, punctuality, dependability and honesty.


Boosting the Employee Satisfaction Quotient

  • Employees who work with students gain new leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Employees say their morale is improved and they enjoy the enthusiasm of youth.
  • Work experiences reinforce the organization's commitment to its workers and their families, by benefiting the children of employees.


It Makes Economic Sense

  • Youth unemployment is persistently higher than the adult rate, while employers scramble to find good and committed employees.
  • Giving students work experience helps promote a variety of career choices.
  • It also enlarges the pool of qualified workers in sectors with shortages of skilled employees.


Stronger Communities, Better Schools

  • When employers team up with schools, the exchange of information and expertise helps enhance the curriculum and integrate classroom and workplace learning.
  • Students benefit when employers and schools work together.
  • Co-operation instils a strong sense that "this is my community".


The Bottom Line

When students make a successful transition from school to work, it's good for all of us - our society, our economy, our workplaces, and, most of all, our students.


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